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Are Mexico and Valle De Guadalupe Safe?  

During the last 15 years Mexico's government successfully undertook a campaign to "clean up" cities from bad elements. Nowhere more evident as in the world famous Valle De Guadalupe and it's major neighbor city the famous port of Ensenada. They are along with all the peninsula of Baja California, the safest places in all of Mexico. Yearly events are held in both places that attract international artists and sports figures alike. Your safety and well being are both our commitment and top priorities.


Is a passport needed to travel to Mexico?

Although not a strict requirement, we strongly recommend having an up to date passport. In the event that you do not have one, The border patrol will accept a valid government issued photo ID/Driver License AND  a copy of your birth certificate. Those will be presented as a routine form to the US agents on the way back. 


What Should I pack?

Besides comfortable clothing, a sweater or jacket are recommended as the brisk air from Ensenada and the ocean carry over to the Valle in the evening. Also your charged cell phone or camera but charging your device is no problem in Mexico as well as taking advantage of free internet access offered in the majority of wineries and restaurants. Your Cell phone should be in airplane mode to avoid possible roaming charges,


Should I exchange my dollars to Mexican pesos? Also can I use my US credit card?

You do not have to, as everything on most of our tours is included, with the exceptions of any souvenirs you might like to purchase or your favorite bottle of wine you would like to take home with you! However we do recommend exchanging a small amount prior to crossing. Also the majority of local businesses accept US credit cards, US dollar at the current advertised exchange rate or Mexican peso. Also we recommend notifying your bank of your trip to minimize inconveniences when using your cards.


What is the legal drinking age in Mexico?

The legal drinking age in Mexico is 18 and because the majority of our offered tours involve alcohol consumption, we ask that all guests respect the laws and conduct themselves in a responsible and mature manner no matter their age.


How far is the Valle De Guadalupe from the border?

The famous Valle De Guadalupe, the "Napa Valley of Mexico" is located approximately one and a half hour away. A beautifully maintained toll road with stunning views of the pacific will lead you there.


How about border wait times?

Although border wait times vary based on many factors, we at CAVATOURS are often times (and depending on tours booked), able to have access to "Fast Pass" passes that enable us to get ahead of the long lines of cars. Even without those and depending on the crossing time, one should expect the waits to be anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes. All our vehicles are SENTRI registered which means in the event that all passengers also have SENTRI (not very common) we are then able to go right up to the gate. 


CAVATOURS will provide you with up-to-the-minute information on road conditions, weather conditions, fuel availability, current currency exchange rates and general current issues of interest.

Refund / Cancellation policy

Group tours are non refundable but are however transferable. Private tours cancellations of six or more, valued at $199 or less are non refundable. Private tours valued at $199 or more might however be rescheduled subject to availability and notification no later than 24 hours prior to scheduled tour date, and are subject to a $50 fee.